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Looking for a mental health expert to push your thinking on what goes into creating and sustaining good mental health, individually or on the population level? Want to consider how to incorporate better mental health policies and programs into your team or organization? Maybe you want voices of people with lived experience to inform your work? Or maybe you're looking for a partner to develop content on personal and professional development with a mental health lens. I'm here to help!


As a relationship-driven professional with expertise in engaging people with lived experience, workplace mental health, and community and event curation, I can bring value to your initiatives. 


As a sought-after keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator, I've had the opportunity to share my insights and expertise with audiences around the world. From speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos to presenting at the International Association for Youth Mental Health Conference and Duke University Innovations in Healthcare, I've been privileged to collaborate with some of the most influential organizations in the mental health field. These include engagements with UNICEF, WHO, the Wellcome Trust, and many private sector and civil society partners. In addition to my public speaking engagements, I've also been a guest on several podcasts and have written extensively on mental health.


Let's discuss how I can contribute to your goals.
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 Let's work together 

Mental Health in the Workplace

I work with organizations, teams, and individuals to create cultures of psychological safety and thriving. Whether this is a one-off event showcasing vulnerability as a key element of 21st-century leadership, an organization-wide strategy for better employee well-being, or a mental health component of your team offsite, I'm available to support you.


With an expertise in mental health and a belief in the influential power of storytelling, I'm here to assist on all your writing projects. See some of my writing here. See some of my writing here


I work to develop people personally and professionally. I especially focus on working with people for whom mental health is a consistent component of life. It's a great passion of mine to see other people grow into more than they thought possible!

Public speaking

Featured as a keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator at global-level events designed for multicultural audiences, I am happy to speak to your organization -- or prepare you to speak as well!

I specialize in the inclusion of people with lived experience of mental ill-health into policies and programs meant to benefit them.

I am trained in how to tell my own story of mental ill-health to change the hearts and minds of those listening -- without uninspiring detail.


An experienced facilitator working with C-suite executives and Ministerial-level public sector leaders, I can support your vision from brainstorming to execution and everything in between -- concept notes, agendas, speaking points, moderation, facilitation, and preparation for all of the above.

Lived Experience Engagement and Representation

In formal roles with the Healthy Brains Global Initiative and the Wellcome Trust, and in informal settings with friends and colleagues, I've used my lived experience of mental ill-health to inform strategies and ways of working for organizations big and small. I'd love to be your Lived Experience expert, and/or counsel you on how to go about engaging People With Lived Experience (PWLE) in your work. (Hint: do so from the beginning.)

Send me a note to schedule an introductory conversation.

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