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My Story

At age 17 just after the turn of the millenium, I was hospitalized after a period of mania and delirium. This experience was labeled "brief, reactive psychosis," and little did I know that this would not be my first hospital visit -- or my first label.

Fast forward over 20 years, and the statistics of my life can tell incomplete stories:

Version 1: Four hospital visits in two countries; two interruptions from school and work; conflicting mental health diagnoses; a $40k+ hospital bill because an insurance company did not cover anything related to my mental health. Broken relationships and a lack of self-confidence.

Version 2: Bachelor's and master's degrees; one of 22 out of over 6000 applicants to a prestigious global leadership fellowship put on by the World Economic Forum; Chair of the Board of a nonprofit; successfully raised $55k for a children's home to become self-sustaining; a rejection of mental health labels as incomplete and unnecessary. A loving husband and father.

The truth is of course both things, and then some.

My journey has forced me to reckon with bouts of mental ill-health -- serious ones. But I also believe these have helped me, personally and professionally, and that they are only a part of my story. Many of my soft skills -- empathy, vulnerable leadership, emotional intelligence -- have been strengthened as a result of these experiences.

I have worked with people struggling with their own mental health, with their loved ones' mental health, with their team's or organization's mental health. I love challenging myself, and others, to grow in ways we may not have thought possible. My style is empathetic and engaging, with the right dose of accountability and truth-telling.

My work on myself continues. My work with others inspires me. Perhaps our work together is just around the corner.

Explore my CV to see my qualifications and achievements in the mental health field and beyond.


My writing reflects on the lessons I've learned throughout a 15+ year professional career and 20+ years of experience handling my own mental health diagnoses. Here are a few featured pieces:

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